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Here is a sample request letter received THIS YEAR from a local Camp Kern family:

My son will be attending his fourth year at YMCA Camp Kern with a big thank you from me to you. As I have stated in other forms I am extremely ill. I have three feeding tubes, and was recently diagnosed with a form of lupus. His dad left when he was almost four and took his brother. Father to both but only wanted one. He has some huge hurdles to in life to deal with for a 10 year old, but his grades are good and he just recently started going to church. I may spend 1 or 2 weeks in the hospital here and then a month in a treatment clinic this summer. Please consider this when deciding to grant scholarships. If there is someone that needs it more than him we understand. He also has been trying to earn extra money by mowing lawns because he wants to go for two weeks. We realize you cannot put scholarships for week 2 but we feel he is excited to do this and if he can get his mind off of his mom lying on the couch with feeding tubes and home nursing visits it would be great for him. Thank you for the past years of support and we hope to see you soon.

(Names have been removed to provide anonymity.)

To donate:  go to www.facebook.com/campkern


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Today launches Camp Kern’s 40 Days for 100 More Kids Scholarship Drive!

Help spread the word, and repost this blog post, or direct people to facebook.com/campkern.

There are tons of ways to make a donation and pledge your support.  Pass this information to people you know who would be interested in helping 100 needy kids and families experience the magic of summer camp.

Feel free to forward, download, print and share this information ANYWHERE!

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Today was Camp Kern’s last open house of the 2011 season! We are looking forward to and preparing for the June 19th start of Summer Camp from here forward. A fantastic staff has been assembled, programs are filling up, the pool is full and the weather…still feels like March. Three outta four isn’t bad…
If you still have not registered, there is still time in some programs. Registrations can be sent in online at http://www.mycampkern.com, or you can call the office at 513-932-3756 and we’d love to sign you up over the phone. If you want to take a tour and get an up close look at camp, email mcostlow@daytonymca.org to schedule a private tour for your family and friends.
Thanks so much to everyone who came out today, we certainly had a great time!

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Camp Kern raises money for our Strong Kids “Send a kid to camp” scholarship fund each and every year.  The money goes to help make camp a possibility for all of the kids who want and need camp, but aren’t able to attend.  This year Camp Kern is raising $81,000 to support the fund, so we can send 180 campers to a week of summer camp!

There are a ton of ways to get involved, and make camp possible for needy kids and families in the Dayton area:

  • You can forward a link to our form to your friends:  http://www.campkern.org/getinvolved/kern_strong_kids.pdf
  • You can pledge by text – Text “camper” to 20222 to donate $10
  • You can download the form and make a donation yourself.
  • Kids can even earn a free week of camp when they raise money!
Thank-you to the many families and guests of Camp Kern who so generously donate their treasure, time and talents to this place.  Without volunteer support, Camp Kern couldn’t offer such a rich and engaging experience!
Also, thank-you to posterbrain.com for being our poster supplier!  Their quick turnaround and excellent quality have helped us increase the visibility of the Strong Kids Campaign all around camp!  Check them out the next time you want an awesome custom poster!

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Happy Easter, Kern Family!
As or families gather for the holiday, we are all grateful for the support and love we receive year round from all the Kern family worldwide.
Enjoy this great weekend with your families, welcome spring with open arms, and get ready for summer!

(Shameless plug time: sessions are selling out, and this is a huge registration weekend. Don’t get shut out. Only a $75 deposit will hold your spot. http://www.mycampkern.com)

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Today is the YMCA of Greater Dayton’s 2011 staff retreat. All of the directors from the Dayton Y are at Camp Kern, spending the day relaxing and getting rejuvenated for another year of great work at the Y.
Todays speaker was Harvey Alston, a former football coach, educator, and inspirational speaker. Harvey spoke to the ability of all people to be their “best”. Harvey’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious.
Thanks, Harvey for your time and stories.
Thank-you YMCA of Greater Dayton for being such a great place to work, and for building into your staff.

Check out http://www.harveyalston.com to learn more about Harvey.
To learn more about all of the great programs offered by the YMCA of Greater Dayton go to http://www.ymcaonline.org

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We are so excited for the newest Ranger’s Apprentice book, which is being released today!  Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, is the final book of this great young-adult series. The series follows the adventures of Will Treaty, a Ranger in training, who masters the arts of archery, horsemanship, and diplomacy.

Ranger’s Apprentice Camp will be one of Camp Kern’s two fully-themed camps.  Come join us for a week of living in the Ranger’s world of horses, forest and stealth!

The program is offered:

Session 3 – Coed – July 3-9

Session 8 – Boys Only – August 7 – 13

Camp Kern has collaborated with Penguin Publishing to create an online resource for other camps who may want to offer a similar program!  This has been a great experience for the Camp Kern team, as we are one of two official Ranger’s Apprentice camps in the nation.

Click Here to check out Camp Kern’s Ranger’s Apprentice Page

Click Here to register for Ranger’s Apprentice Camp!

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