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Check out photos of the week so far at Camp Kern!  There have been sightings of pirates throughout the week…although it seems they are gathering in even greater numbers today.  Beware the Jolly Roger!


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Pirate Week has begun…and it’s crazy foggy!  Perfect for the way a voyage of scurvy dogs should start.  All of the deckhands, bilgerats, and officers of the crew are excited and expectant for what’s coming up this week.

Buried treasure?  Arrrr….

Pirate Lords?  Arrrr…..

The Great Pirate Competition?  Arrrr….

Swashbuckling, good shipmates, Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman, and jolly rogers?  Arrrr…

It’s going to be a great week!  Check out all the pictures at www.campkern.smugmug.com, Summer Camp 2011, Week 1!

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Check out this teasing article over at cnn.com, and then check out www.pottermore.com!  Yes, we really really love our Harry Potter here at Camp Kern (to the point that our Harry Potter Camp is totally sold out with a waiting list for 2011!)

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It’s so great having the Shriner’s Hospital campers here at Kern!  The weather has been amazing!  (Super-hot…the first time all year!)

The kids are having an outstanding experience, and camp is truly blessed to have such a unique group join us at the beginning of the summer season.


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The scholarship campaign is still ongoing!  Forward the message on to your friends and encourage them to do the same!

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Here is a sample request letter received THIS YEAR from a local Camp Kern family:

My son will be attending his fourth year at YMCA Camp Kern with a big thank you from me to you. As I have stated in other forms I am extremely ill. I have three feeding tubes, and was recently diagnosed with a form of lupus. His dad left when he was almost four and took his brother. Father to both but only wanted one. He has some huge hurdles to in life to deal with for a 10 year old, but his grades are good and he just recently started going to church. I may spend 1 or 2 weeks in the hospital here and then a month in a treatment clinic this summer. Please consider this when deciding to grant scholarships. If there is someone that needs it more than him we understand. He also has been trying to earn extra money by mowing lawns because he wants to go for two weeks. We realize you cannot put scholarships for week 2 but we feel he is excited to do this and if he can get his mind off of his mom lying on the couch with feeding tubes and home nursing visits it would be great for him. Thank you for the past years of support and we hope to see you soon.

(Names have been removed to provide anonymity.)

To donate:  go to www.facebook.com/campkern

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Today launches Camp Kern’s 40 Days for 100 More Kids Scholarship Drive!

Help spread the word, and repost this blog post, or direct people to facebook.com/campkern.

There are tons of ways to make a donation and pledge your support.  Pass this information to people you know who would be interested in helping 100 needy kids and families experience the magic of summer camp.

Feel free to forward, download, print and share this information ANYWHERE!

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