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Check out this teasing article over at cnn.com, and then check out www.pottermore.com!  Yes, we really really love our Harry Potter here at Camp Kern (to the point that our Harry Potter Camp is totally sold out with a waiting list for 2011!)


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Here is a great picture of some guys doing basket weaving at Kern.  It’s great to see that classic crafts never go out of style!  We’re pretty sure we’re still using the same table for Arts and Crafts…or at least one that looks just like it.

You can check out this picture and many more at Camp Kern’s online photo site by clicking here.

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Never say that we don’t stretch our donation dollars here at Camp Kern!  Along with the 22″ widescreen computer monitors, new keyboards and new mice…the Kesling Media Center just got some SWEET radio equipment!

The new equipment includes:

Here are some pictures of the whole thing set up.  NOW we’re ready to make some serious radio shows!

Check out the previous blog post about the Media Center, and see pictures, HERE.

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So, we are considering some new program ideas…and this is one of them!


It’s a mini paddle game, and we’d put it on the multi-purpose courts.

Has anyone played it?  Is it the most awesome thing ever?  Is it completely stupid?  If you’ve ever had Pickleball experience (or are a pickleball professional) let us know!

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Here is an interesting article regarding making accommodations for people who share a public place, and where the limits should be placed while doing so.


At Camp Kern, we’re pretty proud of the fact that we don’t have Peanuts and tree nuts on site.  We think it’s a great way to accommodate campers who have allergies, but also to teach the rest of our camper population how to be compassionate and understanding of differences.

Many other camp directors are amazed that we don’t have peanut-butter, peanut snacks, peanut-butter cookies, etc.  They ask, “Don’t your kids go crazy without peanut-butter and jelly at every meal?!?!?” It’s great that we can honestly answer that no, our campers do not.  First, the camp’s food is great!  There are tons of options on the salad bar, and there are always multiple options for each meal.  It’s hard to go hungry at camp.  And second, we teach all our campers that peanuts can actually be dangerous to a small group of people with a specific allergy, and that we want everyone to have the ability to come to camp.

So, what do you think?  Do you appreciate that Camp Kern makes accommodations for allergies?  We are soon beginning to offer a Gluten-free menu for those with gluten restrictions, is that something you have wanted for a while?

Comment either on the blog, or on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/campkern

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This year’s Harry Potter Camp is filling up quick!

Come join us for Harry Potter Residential Camp this summer.  We will be exploring events and themes from the entire HP series, from being admitted to Hogwarts to the Sorting Hat ceremony, all the way through Gringotts and Voldemort.

All the counselors at Kern love this story.  Adventure, friends, learning and trying to do the right thing are such great messages to build a story around.  Hopefully, you’ll do all these things at Kern as well!


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Today, camp kern is talking with lots of families from GE in cincinnati! If you’re working at GE, come on over and say hi!
If you’d like Kern to visit your business, just email mcostlow@daytonymca.org, and we’ll come talk to your office. If you’d rather just get a bunch of brochures to pass around the water cooler, we can do that too.

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