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It’s so great having the Shriner’s Hospital campers here at Kern!  The weather has been amazing!  (Super-hot…the first time all year!)

The kids are having an outstanding experience, and camp is truly blessed to have such a unique group join us at the beginning of the summer season.



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Here is an interesting article regarding making accommodations for people who share a public place, and where the limits should be placed while doing so.


At Camp Kern, we’re pretty proud of the fact that we don’t have Peanuts and tree nuts on site.  We think it’s a great way to accommodate campers who have allergies, but also to teach the rest of our camper population how to be compassionate and understanding of differences.

Many other camp directors are amazed that we don’t have peanut-butter, peanut snacks, peanut-butter cookies, etc.  They ask, “Don’t your kids go crazy without peanut-butter and jelly at every meal?!?!?” It’s great that we can honestly answer that no, our campers do not.  First, the camp’s food is great!  There are tons of options on the salad bar, and there are always multiple options for each meal.  It’s hard to go hungry at camp.  And second, we teach all our campers that peanuts can actually be dangerous to a small group of people with a specific allergy, and that we want everyone to have the ability to come to camp.

So, what do you think?  Do you appreciate that Camp Kern makes accommodations for allergies?  We are soon beginning to offer a Gluten-free menu for those with gluten restrictions, is that something you have wanted for a while?

Comment either on the blog, or on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/campkern

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Sherwood Elementary’s 5th Grade class is coming to Camp Kern!  We can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Click here to see Sherwood’s Website!

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We want to say thank-you to everyone who was a part of Summer Camp 2010 here at Camp Kern.  Every summer at camp is special, although this one certainly kicked off in very original style.  

100 years ago, Camp Kern was founded by a small group of boys from the YMCA of Greater Dayton, lead by a young man named Carl B. Kern.  Carl B. probably didn’t foresee a camp bearing his name still existing in 100 years, although we strive to follow his vision of a place for children to interact with nature, explore, and grow into exceptional adults.  Thank-you, Mr. Kern, for what you began so long ago.

And a huge appreciation goes out to our Alumni from the last 100 years, who came out on June 19th to join together and kick off the Centennial Summer with such style.  The party was excellent, and you placed all of the newly minted Summer Camp staff on the right path.

The seasonal Summer Camp staff did such an amazing job all summer long.  Their hard work, determination to go over and above, and attention to detail were all remarkable.  Thousands of happy campers came through Kern this summer, and all of them are better people after spending time with these young staff members.

Finally, again, everyone at Kern extends well-wishes and care to our Kern Families.

Whether you are a 4th generation Kern Kid, or you attended for the first time this summer, we enjoyed getting to know you and to learn from all of your amazing stories.  Campers from so many different backgrounds and outlooks share time here at Kern, it’s really special to see everyone come together in a common experience.

We are already geared up for 2011, accepting registrations (we’re already well over 100 registrations for Summer 2011…and it’s barely the middle of August!) and we’re preparing some new and fun programs based on the great feedback the kids gave all summer long.  We’re committed to remaining relevant to children’s lives, and to maintaining the vision Carl B. put out for us.

See you in 2011, keep in touch all winter long, come to Winter Camp and Halloween Camp for a break from school (and mom and dad can get come shopping and relaxation time!).  Everyone misses you all, this place seems too quiet without campers.


The Camp Kern 2010 Summer Team!

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In an effort to maintain transparency with our campers and parents, Camp Kern has made an open letter to our guests available at check-in and check-out during Summer Camp this year.  The letter, attached below in it’s entirety, addresses the nuisance of bed bugs. We are very proud of the fact that we do not have a bed bug problem. The letter explains the steps we have taken to protect the campers and guests at Camp Kern.

Bed bugs are a pest who have made a resurgence in recent years, and have been dealt with in many high guest turnover industries, such as camping.  As a camp, we have implemented an effective preventative plan, along with a rapid detection and response program.  Bed bugs are a traveling pest, and are not an indication of unclean conditions.  They are brought from place-to-place through the transfer of bedding and luggage.  In our letter to families, Camp Kern’s plan is detailed, along with what families can do to safeguard themselves.

We welcome any questions or conversations our Camp Kern families may have concerning this topic.  The safety and comfort of the guests of Camp Kern is our first concern.  Please call us at 513-932-3756 if you wish to speak with someone at camp.

Click here to download the letter camper families have been receiving this summer.

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If you’ve come to camp recently (within the last 80 years or so), then there is a chance that we’ve uploaded a picture of you!  We’re in the process up putting together as many pictures of Kern’s history as possible.  We want to include as many eras and generations as possible.  This is a huge job, and one that is sure to be incomplete.  There’s so much history here, that we can’t possibly include everything!

Here’s where you come in.  First, go to Camp Kern’s Smugmug site, and check out the 100th Galleries.  There are roughly…7000 pictures uploaded so far.  This number will continue to climb, and we need help putting pictures in the correct categories.  If you’re looking around, and you know what decade the pictures come from, put a comment in the comments section, and we’ll begin the process of better organizing the photos.

Also, if you find a picture that you’d love to have printed out, Smugmug can do that!  We’ve put all the pictures up to be able to purchase, and at low prices.  Any extra money goes toward helping us capture more pictures and memories here at camp.  Hopefully you find yourself in some photos, and we can help you relive your Kern experiences!

Thanks for all you do to help Kern, and especially for any help you can give us in organizing these photos!

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This month’s Virtual Campfire features two of Camp Kern’s finest singing their rendition of a camp classic.  You may know the Moose song, and you may notice that this song is certainly not about a moose.  It’s about a mouse and his house and his eating habits.

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