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Pirate Week has begun…and it’s crazy foggy!  Perfect for the way a voyage of scurvy dogs should start.  All of the deckhands, bilgerats, and officers of the crew are excited and expectant for what’s coming up this week.

Buried treasure?  Arrrr….

Pirate Lords?  Arrrr…..

The Great Pirate Competition?  Arrrr….

Swashbuckling, good shipmates, Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman, and jolly rogers?  Arrrr…

It’s going to be a great week!  Check out all the pictures at www.campkern.smugmug.com, Summer Camp 2011, Week 1!


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Check out this teasing article over at cnn.com, and then check out www.pottermore.com!  Yes, we really really love our Harry Potter here at Camp Kern (to the point that our Harry Potter Camp is totally sold out with a waiting list for 2011!)

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It’s so great having the Shriner’s Hospital campers here at Kern!  The weather has been amazing!  (Super-hot…the first time all year!)

The kids are having an outstanding experience, and camp is truly blessed to have such a unique group join us at the beginning of the summer season.


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Last weekend was the first CIT retreat of Summer 2011!  The future leaders of Camp Kern gathered to bond, prepare, and practice to be counselors.  They also tested out camp’s new bows in archery….

Her is a picture of Maddie, who was the first CIT to shoot an arrow COMPLETELY THROUGH A TIN CAN!  The new bows combine power, ease of use, and safety to make archery one of the coolest places on camp!  Thanks, Maddie, for showing us how it’s done!

Check out the bow she used!  We’ve got 2 so far for camp…more to come!

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Happy Easter, Kern Family!
As or families gather for the holiday, we are all grateful for the support and love we receive year round from all the Kern family worldwide.
Enjoy this great weekend with your families, welcome spring with open arms, and get ready for summer!

(Shameless plug time: sessions are selling out, and this is a huge registration weekend. Don’t get shut out. Only a $75 deposit will hold your spot. http://www.mycampkern.com)

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Today is the YMCA of Greater Dayton’s 2011 staff retreat. All of the directors from the Dayton Y are at Camp Kern, spending the day relaxing and getting rejuvenated for another year of great work at the Y.
Todays speaker was Harvey Alston, a former football coach, educator, and inspirational speaker. Harvey spoke to the ability of all people to be their “best”. Harvey’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious.
Thanks, Harvey for your time and stories.
Thank-you YMCA of Greater Dayton for being such a great place to work, and for building into your staff.

Check out http://www.harveyalston.com to learn more about Harvey.
To learn more about all of the great programs offered by the YMCA of Greater Dayton go to http://www.ymcaonline.org

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So, we are considering some new program ideas…and this is one of them!


It’s a mini paddle game, and we’d put it on the multi-purpose courts.

Has anyone played it?  Is it the most awesome thing ever?  Is it completely stupid?  If you’ve ever had Pickleball experience (or are a pickleball professional) let us know!

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