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Check out this teasing article over at cnn.com, and then check out www.pottermore.com!  Yes, we really really love our Harry Potter here at Camp Kern (to the point that our Harry Potter Camp is totally sold out with a waiting list for 2011!)


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It’s so great having the Shriner’s Hospital campers here at Kern!  The weather has been amazing!  (Super-hot…the first time all year!)

The kids are having an outstanding experience, and camp is truly blessed to have such a unique group join us at the beginning of the summer season.


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Today launches Camp Kern’s 40 Days for 100 More Kids Scholarship Drive!

Help spread the word, and repost this blog post, or direct people to facebook.com/campkern.

There are tons of ways to make a donation and pledge your support.  Pass this information to people you know who would be interested in helping 100 needy kids and families experience the magic of summer camp.

Feel free to forward, download, print and share this information ANYWHERE!

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Here is a great picture of some guys doing basket weaving at Kern.  It’s great to see that classic crafts never go out of style!  We’re pretty sure we’re still using the same table for Arts and Crafts…or at least one that looks just like it.

You can check out this picture and many more at Camp Kern’s online photo site by clicking here.

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It’s great seeing our Amelia campers!  Yes, the ice chunks were crazy, but Amelia is made of tougher stuff than ice.

Check out Mrs. Evan’s 5th Grade blog for some great pictures, and a short description of their stay at Kern!

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Camp Kern was recently featured on the local blog, MasonMetu!  Thanks to Kristin Goecke for the opportunity to share with your readers.

Click here to see the MasonMetu blog, and scroll towards the bottom of the page to find Camp Kern’s post!

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Sherwood Elementary’s 5th Grade class is coming to Camp Kern!  We can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Click here to see Sherwood’s Website!

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