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Check out photos of the week so far at Camp Kern!  There have been sightings of pirates throughout the week…although it seems they are gathering in even greater numbers today.  Beware the Jolly Roger!


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If you’ve come to camp recently (within the last 80 years or so), then there is a chance that we’ve uploaded a picture of you!  We’re in the process up putting together as many pictures of Kern’s history as possible.  We want to include as many eras and generations as possible.  This is a huge job, and one that is sure to be incomplete.  There’s so much history here, that we can’t possibly include everything!

Here’s where you come in.  First, go to Camp Kern’s Smugmug site, and check out the 100th Galleries.  There are roughly…7000 pictures uploaded so far.  This number will continue to climb, and we need help putting pictures in the correct categories.  If you’re looking around, and you know what decade the pictures come from, put a comment in the comments section, and we’ll begin the process of better organizing the photos.

Also, if you find a picture that you’d love to have printed out, Smugmug can do that!  We’ve put all the pictures up to be able to purchase, and at low prices.  Any extra money goes toward helping us capture more pictures and memories here at camp.  Hopefully you find yourself in some photos, and we can help you relive your Kern experiences!

Thanks for all you do to help Kern, and especially for any help you can give us in organizing these photos!

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