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Pirate Week has begun…and it’s crazy foggy!  Perfect for the way a voyage of scurvy dogs should start.  All of the deckhands, bilgerats, and officers of the crew are excited and expectant for what’s coming up this week.

Buried treasure?  Arrrr….

Pirate Lords?  Arrrr…..

The Great Pirate Competition?  Arrrr….

Swashbuckling, good shipmates, Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman, and jolly rogers?  Arrrr…

It’s going to be a great week!  Check out all the pictures at www.campkern.smugmug.com, Summer Camp 2011, Week 1!


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Check out this teasing article over at cnn.com, and then check out www.pottermore.com!  Yes, we really really love our Harry Potter here at Camp Kern (to the point that our Harry Potter Camp is totally sold out with a waiting list for 2011!)

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Today launches Camp Kern’s 40 Days for 100 More Kids Scholarship Drive!

Help spread the word, and repost this blog post, or direct people to facebook.com/campkern.

There are tons of ways to make a donation and pledge your support.  Pass this information to people you know who would be interested in helping 100 needy kids and families experience the magic of summer camp.

Feel free to forward, download, print and share this information ANYWHERE!

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Here is a great picture of some guys doing basket weaving at Kern.  It’s great to see that classic crafts never go out of style!  We’re pretty sure we’re still using the same table for Arts and Crafts…or at least one that looks just like it.

You can check out this picture and many more at Camp Kern’s online photo site by clicking here.

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Camp Kern raises money for our Strong Kids “Send a kid to camp” scholarship fund each and every year.  The money goes to help make camp a possibility for all of the kids who want and need camp, but aren’t able to attend.  This year Camp Kern is raising $81,000 to support the fund, so we can send 180 campers to a week of summer camp!

There are a ton of ways to get involved, and make camp possible for needy kids and families in the Dayton area:

  • You can forward a link to our form to your friends:  http://www.campkern.org/getinvolved/kern_strong_kids.pdf
  • You can pledge by text – Text “camper” to 20222 to donate $10
  • You can download the form and make a donation yourself.
  • Kids can even earn a free week of camp when they raise money!
Thank-you to the many families and guests of Camp Kern who so generously donate their treasure, time and talents to this place.  Without volunteer support, Camp Kern couldn’t offer such a rich and engaging experience!
Also, thank-you to posterbrain.com for being our poster supplier!  Their quick turnaround and excellent quality have helped us increase the visibility of the Strong Kids Campaign all around camp!  Check them out the next time you want an awesome custom poster!

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We are so excited for the newest Ranger’s Apprentice book, which is being released today!  Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 10: The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, is the final book of this great young-adult series. The series follows the adventures of Will Treaty, a Ranger in training, who masters the arts of archery, horsemanship, and diplomacy.

Ranger’s Apprentice Camp will be one of Camp Kern’s two fully-themed camps.  Come join us for a week of living in the Ranger’s world of horses, forest and stealth!

The program is offered:

Session 3 – Coed – July 3-9

Session 8 – Boys Only – August 7 – 13

Camp Kern has collaborated with Penguin Publishing to create an online resource for other camps who may want to offer a similar program!  This has been a great experience for the Camp Kern team, as we are one of two official Ranger’s Apprentice camps in the nation.

Click Here to check out Camp Kern’s Ranger’s Apprentice Page

Click Here to register for Ranger’s Apprentice Camp!

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Never say that we don’t stretch our donation dollars here at Camp Kern!  Along with the 22″ widescreen computer monitors, new keyboards and new mice…the Kesling Media Center just got some SWEET radio equipment!

The new equipment includes:

Here are some pictures of the whole thing set up.  NOW we’re ready to make some serious radio shows!

Check out the previous blog post about the Media Center, and see pictures, HERE.

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